Tom Colicchio is teaming up with Dallis Bros Coffee to host a 4 course “coffee dinner” on Thursday, January 20th at Craftbar. The folks behind Dallis Bros Coffee have been in the coffee roasting business for close to 100 years, and are based in Ozone Park, Queens.

Photo taken by Kent Hanson 1993 We wonder if coffee pairings will be offered along with the meal. If you can manage to sip a cup of coffee while eating coffee cured hamachi, we salute you (honestly, we’d be slightly scared).

View the full coffee enhanced menu over at Grub Street NY.

A rep for Dallis Bros & RBC NYC has informed us that to make a reservation, RSVP to or call 212-254-2056, ext.11. Also, the dinner will be executed by Craftbar’s Chef de Cuisine, Lauren M. Hirschberg.

Please post details if you attend!

Awesome Image of David and Martha Bear Dallis Courtesy of Kent Hanson/