Double Rainbow Espresso – so good you’ll ask yourself, what does it all mean??!!

Hello, west coast coffee!!  I brought home the Double Rainbow Seasonal Espresso blend from San Francisco.  I must say it’s pretty FANTASTIC.  If you want to get some for yourself here in New York, you can find it at Cafe Grumpy.  Otherwise you can order directly from Ritual HERE.

About the Double Rainbow Seasonal Espresso:

“Two coffees from Guatemala create the foundation of the blend, Juan Luis Barrios Ortega’s Retiro de Quisaya and Luis Pedro Zelaya’s Chuito. Retiro (Bourbon and Pache varieties, grown at 1600-1800 meters in the San Martin region) possess a beautifully balanced sweetness and brightness, while Chuito (Bourbon and Caturra varieties, grown at 1600 meters in Antigua) adds a full, lush body. The third and fourth coffees serve to accentuate the best qualities of Retiro and Chuito. Los Crestones from Costa Rica (grown by La Piedra de Rivas in the Chirripó region at 1600-1800 meters) adds to the silky mouthfeel and sweetness found in the Chuito, but also complements with soft fruits notes of melon and citrus. Lastly, the Rungeto Farmers Cooperative Society’s Karimikui from Kenya (SL 28 and 34 varieties, 1650 meters and above) brings layered fruit and complexity.

In the cup, Double Rainbow espresso starts with breath taking aromas of marzipan as well as a cherry and peach compote leading to flavors of walnut butter, mandarin and a clean strawberry fruit, with a crisp shortbread cookie and aromatic pipe tobacco in the finish. “

Affogato – Simply Delicious

Coffee and ice cream lovers rejoice!! I made a batch of vanilla ice cream recently and couldn’t help but pair it with my other favorite vice: espresso. Affogato is one of my favorite desserts of all time. It’s so simple and delicious. It takes less than 10 minutes to prepare.

Here’s how to do it:

Vanilla ice cream (homemade is the best of course!)
Amaretto (optional)

1. Brew a shot of espresso however you like to do it. I like to use my Bialetti stove top espresso maker. If you have an espresso machine, even better.
2. Scoop out one scoop of ice cream in a small bowl
3. Pour espresso on top and serve

Amaretto is an Italian almond flavored liqueur. I prefer my affogato on the simple side, but if you want to add another dimension this is a tasty option.

Concrete Espresso

A concrete block turned espresso machine from Shenkar College of Engineering & Design student Shmuel Linski

Dezeen » Blog Archive » Espresso Solo by Shmuel Linski.

Espresso Techniques at Joe

I had no idea what really went into pulling (aka brewing) an espresso shot.  So I decided to take a class at Joe, one of my favorite coffee purveyors here in town.

Charrow and Kenya led the class and were super knowledgeable and clearly passionate about their coffee.  Here are some of my big takeaways from the class:

Espresso is not a type of bean but is another method of brewing, like french press or drip.

Lots of factors influence the brewing process: water purity, water temperature, timing and cleanliness of the machine.  Even the temperature of the room matters.

Brewing time matters alot – and needs to be adjusted according to the humidity in the air.  The more humid it is the slower the shots will come out.

Contrary to popular belief, coffee doesn’t have to be stored in the fridge.  In fact that’s not recommended because coffee is water  soluble and every time you open that freezer/fridge door condensation occurs and helps deteriorate the flavors of the bean.

Oily beans are bad beans.  Oils hold the flavor of the coffee, we want that inside the bean.

I learned a lot in this class, from basic terminology to all of the factors that can influence coffee (there are lots!), to actually pulling some shots.  The fun never stops.

Joe offers classes all summer!

Abraço, East Village

Abraço is the tiny little cafe situated on 7th Street, near First Avenue.  Translated from Portuguese, abraco literally means “an embrace”.  It’s not uncommon to walk by and hear the sounds of Brazilian jazz dancing through the front windows, with a line of people waiting patiently for their caffeine fix.  The coffeehouse is set up like a traditional Italian espresso bar, with large windows overlooking the street.  You order your beverage and drink it while standing.  It’s the perfect pit stop on the way to work, in between errands or on your way to your next adventure. Read the rest of this entry »

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