When You Can’t Say it Out Loud…Say it With Coffee!

Got latte art fatigue?  You could be feeling lazy, or maybe you’re just not that good at it?  Coffeestencil is taking the art of coffee to another level.  There are variety of stencils to choose from, both graphic and textual.  Once  you make your cappuccino, all you need is some cocoa powder and a fine sieve or tea strainer, and…Viola!

Ok, so the novelty might wear off pretty quick but that first time will be fun.

NYC Manhole Cover Coasters

Turn your coffee table into a New York street with these heavy duty coasters fashioned from actual NYC manholes. These coasters are handcrafted with great attention to detail and make for excellent gifts.  This 1st edition set comes in a set of four, each one having its own unique design.

$80 at artez’n.

Coffee on Your Shirt

Super cute shirt from Threadless member Marco Angeles – only $18 bucks!

Threadless: “Hoot! Night Owl!” – by Marco Angeles

MoMA Approved Coffee Pot

New York Magazine posts this super sleek coffee maker, currently featured in MoMA’s “Good Design” exhibit as well as in the museum’s shop. At $120, I don’t think this will be replacing my Bialetti any time soon – but it sure is pretty!

The Chemex Coffeemaker allows you to perfect your daily cup (or daily pot) at home. The hourglass-shaped device was invented in 1941 by German inventor Peter Schlumbohm, who applied simple chemistry principles to coffee.

New York Mag: Best Bet: Best Your Barista — The Cut: New York Magazines Fashion Blog

Blogs & Coffee

Blogs and Coffee, what would one be without the other, seriously? Made By Girl has some lovely coffee inspired screen prints for sale for the modest price of $20.

Get yours here.

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