How Coffee is Made

Lovely infographic poster by designer Taylor C. Pemberton.

Hopefully he’ll be releasing a few of these for sale soon?

(click on the image for full size and details)

Some Wilco With Your Coffee?

Intelligentsia have teamed up with the Chicago-based indie band to offer an exclusive mug designed by Andy Wickstrom

Get ‘em here!

via Juxtapoz Magazine | Wilco x Intelligentsia Mug.

Concrete Espresso

A concrete block turned espresso machine from Shenkar College of Engineering & Design student Shmuel Linski

Dezeen ┬╗ Blog Archive ┬╗ Espresso Solo by Shmuel Linski.

Mustache Mugs

For the mustache-obsessed out there, now you can enjoy effortlessly masquerading behind a character moustache while drinking your favourite coffee. Every mug has a different design on each side to explore your favourite masculine expression! Choose between feisty Fu-Magnum, ambigues Mustafa-Chaplin and cheeky Maurice-Poirot!

Brought to you by Peter Ibruegger

Domo Invades 7-Eleven

I don’t think 7-Elevens exist anywhere in NYC these days, but these Domo coffee cups are pretty awesome, and might be worth trekking to the ‘burbs for. Also part of the package are Domo hot dog containers & slurpee cups!

More pics at Eat Me Daily

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