Manual Brew Down at RBC

Do you pull a mean shot of espresso, make a killer macchiato, or pour the very best of pour-overs? Here’s your chance to show off those mad barista skills and win prizes at the first ever Manual Brew Down! Coffee enthusiasts and baristas can sign up and have their coffee chops judged by Katie Cargulio of Counter Culture Coffee, Christopher Van Schyndel of Barismo, and Mike Jones from Third Rail Coffee.

You’ll also get to test out the latest in coffee tech, including a sneak peek at the new Luminaire LB-1.

Lots of coffee and free beer (!) will be served all night.

What: Manual Brew Down
Where: RBC NYC 71 Worth Street
When: Thursday 1/20 at 7:30pm (sign up begins at 7:15pm)

15 Coffee Fun Facts

I found this delightful poster on The Oatmeal, which illustrates the 15 things worth knowing about coffee.  This highly informative bean to cup journey begins with dancing goats and ends with a caffeine high.  Brilliant.

Check out the full poster!

My sentiments exactly


Oooh! An Italian espresso bar using Counter Culture beans just opened up in Park Slope!

Here’s Park Slope wrote a great review with pictures of the interior. Looks like this will be a good addition to the neighborhood.

Double Rainbow Espresso – so good you’ll ask yourself, what does it all mean??!!

Hello, west coast coffee!!  I brought home the Double Rainbow Seasonal Espresso blend from San Francisco.  I must say it’s pretty FANTASTIC.  If you want to get some for yourself here in New York, you can find it at Cafe Grumpy.  Otherwise you can order directly from Ritual HERE.

About the Double Rainbow Seasonal Espresso:

“Two coffees from Guatemala create the foundation of the blend, Juan Luis Barrios Ortega’s Retiro de Quisaya and Luis Pedro Zelaya’s Chuito. Retiro (Bourbon and Pache varieties, grown at 1600-1800 meters in the San Martin region) possess a beautifully balanced sweetness and brightness, while Chuito (Bourbon and Caturra varieties, grown at 1600 meters in Antigua) adds a full, lush body. The third and fourth coffees serve to accentuate the best qualities of Retiro and Chuito. Los Crestones from Costa Rica (grown by La Piedra de Rivas in the Chirripó region at 1600-1800 meters) adds to the silky mouthfeel and sweetness found in the Chuito, but also complements with soft fruits notes of melon and citrus. Lastly, the Rungeto Farmers Cooperative Society’s Karimikui from Kenya (SL 28 and 34 varieties, 1650 meters and above) brings layered fruit and complexity.

In the cup, Double Rainbow espresso starts with breath taking aromas of marzipan as well as a cherry and peach compote leading to flavors of walnut butter, mandarin and a clean strawberry fruit, with a crisp shortbread cookie and aromatic pipe tobacco in the finish. “

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