15 Coffee Fun Facts

I found this delightful poster on The Oatmeal, which illustrates the 15 things worth knowing about coffee.  This highly informative bean to cup journey begins with dancing goats and ends with a caffeine high.  Brilliant.

Check out the full poster!

Wilco (the coffee)

Coffee lovers of a certain age and musical predilection can rejoice, because everyone’s favorite alt-something band is finally offering Wilco-branded coffee in partnership with fellow Chicagoan bean-slingers, Intelligentsia.

Available now for pre-order through the official Wilco store, music nerds and coffee nerds alike can select from two Wilco-endorsed offerings, the caf Organic Ethiopia Sidama Homecho Waeno or decaf Los Inmortales, El Salvador: El Borbollon 2010, which is coincidentally the name of Alfonso Cuaron’s next movie.

Those superfans with a little more scratch (and anyone looking to get me a Christmas gift) can also order the Coffee Lovers Bundle Pack, a best-of that includes 2 pounds of coffee, two Wilco mugs and a “mystery gift” that may or may not be Jeff Tweedy stopping by your place to hang out so that you can finally prove to yourself and anyone who cares to listen that he’s a super-cool guy who would probably really enjoy your company and insights into his music.

A Wilco (and coffee) fan can dream, can’t he?

Buy it up here: http://wilco.kungfustore.com/categories/350-coffee-preorder

Coffee Meets Cocktails

A skeptical Frank Bruni passed by the Randolph on Broome & Bowery to sample the establishment’s foray into coffee cocktails (Spoiler Alert: He likes ‘em!). Right now they’re only being served between 11am & 5pm, but they hope to extend the hours into the evening as the mixologists study up on their coffees.

Check out Tipsy Diaries: Beans with Booze below, and read the full article here. Also, let us know if you’ve had chance to try any of these out in the comments or on twitter at @nycmugged.

My sentiments exactly

Mug Tweet: RT @mike_white: “Starbucks, Kr…

RT @mike_white: “Starbucks, Kraft and Nestlé do more for developing-world coffee farmers than the Fairtrade Foundation” http://bit.ly/dmlWPF

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