Mango Affogato

Mango Affogato

Thursday Night Latte Art Throwdown at Dora

Dora just opened in the Lower East Side in December, and has already lined up an informal weekly cupping and will play host to their first (of what will hopefully be an ongoing series) latte art throw down. Head over this Thursday, February 17th to join in on the fun. Sign up starts at 7, pouring commences at 8, and with a $5 entry fee, liquids will be provided.

I haven’t had a chance to make it over yet (it’s been too cold!), but seeing Alice Gao‘s amazing photos, it looks like Dora is indeed, quite a-Dora-ble. Hopefully I’ll be in attendance this Thursday.


Lovely pic. Sadly, I have no idea who shot it, or from whence it came.

Coffee Meets Cocktails

A skeptical Frank Bruni passed by the Randolph on Broome & Bowery to sample the establishment’s foray into coffee cocktails (Spoiler Alert: He likes ‘em!). Right now they’re only being served between 11am & 5pm, but they hope to extend the hours into the evening as the mixologists study up on their coffees.

Check out Tipsy Diaries: Beans with Booze below, and read the full article here. Also, let us know if you’ve had chance to try any of these out in the comments or on twitter at @nycmugged.

How Coffee is Made

Lovely infographic poster by designer Taylor C. Pemberton.

Hopefully he’ll be releasing a few of these for sale soon?

(click on the image for full size and details)

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