I’m chagrined to report that the Manual Brew Down event at RBC last night was pretty lame, at least for everyone not directly competing in the Brew Down or partaking in the free beer (which, truthfully, might have been just myself, my faithful spouse and one sad-eyed girl sitting near us who left, sensibly, after about half an hour.) My expectations for the evening were something akin to an open tasting, but the only people enjoying coffee (that I saw) were the brewing judges. Good job, judges! You picked the right side of the counter to be on.

Perhaps I expected too much out of this event, but I do think it would have been reasonable to make some coffee available to people at a coffee shop gathering. And FYI, I just exercised all of the self-discipline available to me in not using sarcastic CAPS in that sentence.

In conclusion: RBC, I’m not mad, I’m just…disappointed. P.S., confidential to the sad-eyed girl who left early — you didn’t miss anything — except perhaps a George Lopez-alike barista looking VERY pleased with himself — which is definitely something, but probably not the thing you were looking for.

Enough of the bitter beans, though! (Feel free to use that.) While I was perusing Amazon this morning looking for ways to dispose more income into coffee and coffee-related items, I came across this fantastic product description for the Hario Coffee Grinder Mini-Mill:

Enjoy the taste of freshly ground coffee at home any time! Since ceramic mortar, no odor, metal rust. The coarse powder is adjustable simply by turning the knob and also, you can calibrate the amount of ground through the transparent bottle. When not in use, you can store the ground without handle. Secure design makes women less fatigue and easier grinding. Easy to clean with disassembled parts, Slim design saves space.

Hario:  Secure design make women less fatigue, since 1937.